Change calendar but working time stays the same

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I have some tasks in my project that I want to have on a 24 hour work day.  I have the 24 hour calendar set up but when I try to apply it to that specific task it doesn't change the time.  what should be taking 90 days is really taking more like 120 days.  No matter which calendar I apply to the task it stays the same.  if I change the whole project to the 24 hour calendar it changes every task.  Any ideas?



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There is a lot to consider with multiple calendars in Project.
1. You say you have the 24 hour calendar "set up". What exactly does that mean? Did you set it as the Task Calendar for selected tasks?
2. When you say it "doesn't change the time", what exactly do you mean?
3. You say something should be taking 90 days but it is taking 120 days. Is that the duration or what?

Keep in mind that Project only has one definition for a "day" and by default that is 8 hours, so for a task that is on a 24 hour calendar you need to enter a duration of 3 days to span the full 24 hour period. Depending on exactly what you are trying to do, it might make more sense to express the duration in elapsed days (i.e. calendar days). Entering 1ed in the Duration field of a task whose task calendar is the 24 hour calendar will show a task Start and Finish that spans a full 24 hours.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response.  I have my project set up so that working time is M-F 8-12 and then 1-5.  For this task I want to have the working time be 24 hours a day.  I'm giving it a duration of 90 days but it's not counting weekends.  For some reason when I change the calendar for this particular task it doesn't actually adjust dates.  I can't for the life of me figure this out.  @John-project 


Did you read what I wrote? This is how you should set up the task.



That's how I have it set up.  I have the calendar set up to work a 7 day week but for some reason when i apply the calendar to that task it doesn't change the start and finish dates.  I've deleted the task and readded it, I've tried changing to other calendars and then back to this one.  Nothing seems to be working.  @John-project 


Sorry but that is NOT the way you have it set up. You entered 90 days in the Duration field and by definition (default), a "day" is 8 hours so the duration for your task is measured in work days. In my example, I show 90 edays which gives 90 elapsed (i.e. calendar) days.


This example perhaps explains it more clearly. I changed the display option to show the time so it's easier to see what's going on.