Cash Flow not prorated when have cost and work resources assigned to a task

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I've set up a template file for small projects (in Project 2019).  My goal is to track multiple small contracted projects.  I'm primarily interested in duration and cash flow.  I use a Fixed duration task for the contract with a Cost resource with the contract value.  


If that's the only resource I assign, the cash flow report distributes the cost appropriately over the duration of the project, readily updating if I change the task duration.


If, however, I also assign a Work resource to the task, then the cash flow doesn't work properly, it's all assigned at the beginning of the task duration.


I've tried changing the task type to Fixed Work, but that didn't help.  Removing the Work resource fixes the problem.


I've attached screen captures of the problem in action since I'm not allowed to include the MSP file.  Any suggestions would be welcome.


I found a reference to a similar problem in 2014, but nothing since.  

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