can we Bulk copy paste several tasks in Project online?

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1. can we Bulk copy-paste several tasks in Project online? I have not used MS projects for the last 4 years. Previous MS project version I could select several rows and paste multiple tasks that I may have copied from another project or from meeting minutes etc. I do not see that option anymore. 

2. Also I do not see a milestone option anymore. How can I turn the task into a milestone?
3. How can I see restore from the previous version?

Please advise!

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Add a milestone - Microsoft Support [You can add a milestone with or without a duration. The following suggested option doesn't work for me. I changed duration to "0" ]

Hi Nisha,

Bulk task copy in a project can be performed either on PWA project schedule or by using MS Project.
a. Copy task in PWA project schedule: Open the project schedule in EDIT mode and copy the tasks but remember to adjust task structure (Task indent or outdent).

b. Copy task using MS Project: Open project using MS Project Desktop and copy task into the project plan. Any text content from excel, OneNote, word, outlook etc.. can be copied in Task name.

Milestone task can be defined with 0d duration or insert a column of Milestone in your project plan and mark required task "Yes" to that task as a Milestone.

Project Restore Administrative Backup and Restore is not available in a Project Online environment. If multiple versions of a Project are needed, for any reason, the best option is to identify the project(s) and save the required versions manually. Keep a backup copy stored locally or in any shared document folder of SharePoint.


Let me know if you need more help


Thank you for your response. Last 4 years I have been using Google products so familiar with old versions of MS projects and what you have mentioned aligns with what I recall. Have you tried Bulk insert/paste and milestone on the latest MS Project online? I may not have the right version. Is there any way you can connect with me for 15 minutes and see my desktop? My email is email address removed for privacy reasons. I will appreciate your time.
it's my userID at gmail