Can I see which Project all of my resources currently are on?

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Currently I See all my resources in Resourcecenter, and I Group them by resource department and then by title.

Can I see which project they are currently on?


So that I can have a total overview that can be grouped by Project and then by Resource Department.


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Hello @Marinpetersen,

You can either build a Power BI / Excel report to see this information or from the Resource Center in PWA, select the resources then click the Resource Assignments button - that will then load a grid that shows you what projects the selected resources are working on.


Hello @Paul Mather 


Thank you for your response, I will look into how I can set a report in excel.


I am familiar with the pwa option resource assignments, but I don't want to have to choose which resources to see, and as I understand I have to choose which resources I wanna see and only up to 100, with the resource assignments option, is that correct?


I can try to give an example, I want a simple overview saying how many resources I have, how many I have in which department, and how many are on projects and how many are "loose":

All resources : 250

- Department 1: 100

- - Project 1: 50

- - Project 2: 20

- - "Loose": 30

- Department 2: 70

- - Project 1: 40

- - Project 2: 30

- - "Loose": 0

- Department 3: 80

- - Project 1: 40

- - Project 2: 30

- - "Loose": 10


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Hello @Marinpetersen 

I would start with the default Power BI Project Online report pack:


If you want to edit the Project Online Power BI report to customise for your needs, you can get the Power BI file here:


Or even the report pack for Project Online I created: