Can I only show views, tables etc which are contained in the specific project plan


I have many tables, filters, views etc set up in various project plan files, as I didn't change the default setting these are all copied into my personal global template. I am creating a simple template for my client which will have a small subset of these fields, filters, tables and views.

I use the organiser to move the desired items into the blank "template" file (actually just a normal project plan with no tasks or resources which they can then populate with their plan).

However I can't "see" the file as they will as all my normal views, tables etc are still visible as they're copied by default onto my global template.

Is there anyway (other than having to use a clean PC) to view only the items which are saved into a specific file?

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Miles --

No, there is no way that you can "see" the project the way you see it. Here is what I would do in that case:

1. Open a new blank project.
2. Copy all of your custom views, tables, filters, and groups into that blank project.
3. Save the project with a name such as All Custom Objects.mpp, or something like that.
4. Using the Organizer tool, delete ALL of your custom views, tables, filters, and groups.

After following those steps, open the project that you will give to the client. You will now "see" the project the way your client will see it. Hope this helps.
Thanks Dale, I was worried I'd need to do something like this but was hoping there was a gap in my knowledge :) This method will allow me to achieve what I want to do so thank you :)