Can I add another type of my template?

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Hi all

Can I add another type of Project for the Web template into this screen?




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daibt --

Unfortunately, no. As it currently exists, it is not possible to create project templates using the Project for the Web application. Sorry, but hope this helps.
The desktop version *.mpp files can still be imported into project online. I have saved my templates enterprise project types in the project desktop version. Now when required to load another template i just load the .mpp file into project online.


Thanks for your reply. 


My customer would like to standard these template.They don't want users to use the wrong template. They want to centrally manage and control these templates

daibt --

You will need to tell your customer that the feature they want is not currently available in Project for the Web. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Hi Dale

Thanks for your reply. Hope Microsoft will do release it soon