Calendar templates in Project for the web

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I'm trying to find out what realy happen with calendars in Projet for the web. I accept that 9-5 is the default and that I can't do anything about that. Just like the desktop version. So I have to set up my own default calendar template. I know the whole routine to add a new calendar template. So I don't need help with that. However, when I try to set up a new template I also have to change the time zone. Often I have to do this more than one time. (When I create the calendar resource and when I add it to the template) Also strange, the time zone I have to change from can be different. From Casablanca time to Beograd and even UTC. Where can I find the place where the time zone settings in Project for the web are located? Where are all this things connected. These problems seems a little odd to me. Please, anyone?

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