Bulk changed tasks from fixed units to fixed duration, units not recalculating when work changed


Hi there, 


I have just bulk changed all tasks from an existing template from fixed units to fixed duration. 

The templates were already set up with work, duration and therefore (calculated) units. 

After bulk changing the tasks (highlight all tasks > Task Information > Advanced tab > Task type: Fixed Duration), when I try change the amount of work for a resource, the units don't change.


Example below:

Original: 2 hours of work required in 5 days, meaning units is 2/40 = 0.05


Change: changing from 2 hours of work in 5 days to 8 hours of work, so units should be 8/40 = 0.2


From the 'error message', I have selected: "Increase the hours resources work per day (units) but keep same duration"

However, the units do not update in the Resource Names column, neither in the Task Information > Resources tab


The only way I can get the units to update is by removing the resource and then re-assigning it - is there any other way for this to work? 


How can I make sure the units will be updated if the amount of work is changed in the project schedule?


NOTE: in the Scheduling options for this project, the default task type is set to Fixed Duration as well. 

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BlissL --

You are seeing functionality that was introduced in Microsoft Project 2010 to fix a long-standing bug in the software. However, in the process of fixing this long-standing bug, the Microsoft Project development team also introduced new functionality that is confusing, both to experienced users and beginning users alike.

To see this new functionality, apply the Task Usage view. In this view, insert the Assignment Units column and then insert the Peak column as well. When you look at your example task, you will see that the Assignment Units column contains the old Units value, and you will also see that the Peak column contains the new Units value. And if you look at the Work values in the timephased grid, you will see that the Work values are set correctly.

What is unfortunate about this new functionality is that the Microsoft Project software development team chose not to display the Peak value to the right of the resource names in the Gantt Chart view. That is what has led to all of this confusion.

So, the software is correctly calculating the Units value. The only problem is you cannot see the correct Units value unless you display the Task Usage view and insert the Peak column.

Oh, and there is no way to "fix" this problem. We just have to live with this behavior. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

As usual, thank you Dale -

another question: in this project I have a task that's assigned to myself as a team member, originally with Work = 1h, Duration = 1d


This is published to PWA, and then as a team member I can view my tasks page and update the amount of work.


For example, I updated the task to take 80h of work. Since this is a project I have created, I approve my change via File > Info > View Task Updates > Approval Center


But when these changes are applied to my project, the task now takes 80h with an 80 day duration



Is there a way for this to change? Alternatively, is there a way for team members to change the duration for a task, as I can only seem to update the Work value from the Tasks page. 


UPDATE: It looks like the tasks somehow reverted to fixed units. I selected all tasks again and changed to fixed duration and it looks like it works - however would still appreciate any info around whether the duration can be changed by a team member or only the amount of work

BlissL --

No, it is not possible for team members to change the Duration of a task from either the Timesheet page or Tasks page in PWA. They are allowed to change the Work or Remaining Work, as those are assignment values. They are not allowed to change the Duration value because that is a task value and not an assignment value. Hope this helps.