Building a Project Online snapshot process using Microsoft Flow and SharePoint


Here is another example of how you can build low / no code solutions for Project Online using Flow:

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Nice! I hadn't made the leap to assume I wouldn't need to make a custom connector in order to post requests. Great thing Project Online is tied to SharePoint. This opens up a whole world of possibilities!

Hi Paul,

Thanks for another great option for snapshotting. I followed the steps and came across an issue with the output when using 'Appy to each' loop. The output doesn't seem to look like the blog. Instead of 'value', mine returns 'body'. is there a step I missed somehow!

Never mind!
Never mind!
I did some search and noticed few people suggesting refreshing the browser or closing the flow and and re-opening it. I did that and it worked! It saved the expressions on each item and ran without errors.

Great to hear you have it working @SJ_PPM