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Hi All,

First time poster here. We have a client who is interested in getting MS Project, so trying to figure out which license to quote.  Client would like to use Microsoft project as a remote application on their server, and there will also be constant changes on who will be using the program. 

Project Professional was first mentioned, so just checking if this was ordered it could be assigned to one user then swapped to another if needed? Does the user have to be licensed for Sharepoint/SQL server as well or is that only necessary with the Project server license? Thanks!


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Hello @Meline77 ,

Based on your message it appears that you are looking at on-premises? Have you consider Project/ Project Online or Project for the web in the Microsoft 365 cloud? Service descriptions here: 

For the perpetual on-premises licenses, I think you'd either have to true up with with Microsoft when swapping licenses or ensure Project Pro was uninstalled if the user was not licensed etc. but this will probably depend on the license agreement your customer has with Microsoft. For users accessing PWA on-premises, they will need a PWA CAL but Project Professional includes a PWA CAL. Some details here for on-premises: 
For SQL Server CALs - this will depend in the SQL Server edition and license model: 

I'd recommend you speak with your Microsoft licensing expert / software provider to clarify all license requirements.