Bcwp problem in microsoft project

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In the microsoft project 2019 program in the BCWP column, when considering the high amount for COST ($ 100,000,000,000) and then getting BASELINE, changing the Physical% complete values ​​from 10 to 20 and above does not result in a bcwp value correctly. physical% complete is intended for the EARN VALUE METHOD.
This problem will be sent to you in the form of a video saved in the POWER POINT program. Give me the necessary guidance.
Thank you

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ghiasiamir -- I do not see any resources assigned to your task. One of the requirements of EVA in Microsoft Project is that you must have one or more resources assigned to each detailed task, and you must set the cost rate for each resource to at least $1.00/hour. Also, did you set the Status Date for the project? That is another requirement. Hope this helps.
It is not necessary to assign the resource to the activity and define the use for the resource, but it can enter the amount in the cost column without defining the resource. The status date is also specified. This question was asked by several colleagues, but unfortunately no one was able to answer.
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ghiasiamir -- I ran extensive tests on a task that has such a large Cost value and I can confirm exactly what you are experiencing, as I experienced it as well. This is obviously a bug in the software. I would recommend that you contact Microsoft Support and log this as a bug with them so that they can get it fixed. Until it is fixed, I do not have any workaround. Hope this helps.
Will you email me Microsoft? Thank you.
Just do a Google or Bing search for Microsoft Support.
Microsoft also referred me to this group
It makes no difference who referred you to this group. This group is primarily staffed by volunteers, and a few general Microsoft help staff. This group is NOT Microsoft Support. You need to contact Microsoft Support to report the bug.