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   How do I add baseline finish information on timeline view ? 

On the timeline view, by default the "finish" date appears, which is the forecasted date to finish a task or reach the milestone. 

On timeline, if I have to show both (A) the baseline finish date for task / milestone and (B) the forecasted date for completing the task / milestone , how do I do this ? 


One crude way I can think of is to have a separate block of task / milestones and hardcode the baseline finish dates in Finish column and add these tasks to timeline. But this would mean duplicating a lot of key tasks/milestone and manually maintaining it. 


Is there a better way to show baseline finish data on timeline ? 




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NKumar2010 --

When you use the term "timeline" in your post, are you referring to the Timeline view or are you referring to the Gantt Chart view that shows the timeline of the project? If you are referring to the Timeline view, there is no way to customize this view to show the Baseline Start and Baseline Finish fields.

On the other hand, if you are referring to the Gantt Chart view, you can see the information you want to see by applying the Tracking Gantt view. The Gantt Chart screen in the Tracking Gantt view displays three different colors of Gantt bars. Here is what they mean:

1. Red Gantt bars represent the current schedule of Critical tasks (tasks that cannot slip without impacting the final Finish date of the project
2. Blue Gantt bars represent the current schedule of non-Critical tasks (tasks that can slip at least some without impacting the final Finish date of the project)
3. Gray Gantt bars represent the original Baseline schedule of each task

If you compare the schedule of red and blue Gantt bars with their accompany gray Gantt bars (the Baseline schedule), you can easily see if tasks are slipping. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale,
By Timeline I mean the Timeline View, not the Timeline shown in the Gantt Chart view. The timeline which is shown by clicking the check box "Timeline" in View menu.
I understand that in Timeline view, baseline finish can't be shown. But if I create a custom timeline view, is there a way to show Baseline Finish in a custom timeline view at least ?
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NKumar2010 --

No, you cannot show the Baseline Finish data in either the default Timeline view or a custom Timeline view. Sorry, but hope this helps.