Automatically download dashboards from Microsoft Project

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Hello everyone I have a strange question for you users:


I have many projects in Microsoft Project. Everyone of them is a Gantt Diagram updated daily. Then I have a main project, where everyone of the others is linked in, so in the main project you see the Gantt Diagram of the progress of the others projects.


Ok, then, every project (also the main one) has a dashboard (project overview), where you can have a graphic visuali of the progresses.


I basically have to show all of these dashboards to my boss every week. They are a lot of projects and I need to show him all of them.


Is there a way to get these dashboards automatically? In every format that is readable?

thank you, sorry for my English, I hope I explained myself

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What version of Project are you using?
When you say "projects" and "main project" are you referring to a master with inserted subprojects? If not, then what?
When you say project overview dashboard are you referring to the project overview in the custom reports? A screen shot would help.
When you say, "get these dashboards automatically" what exactly does that mean?
And what do you mean by, "format that is readable"?



Hello, yes, I'm sorry, I'm using 2021 version.

All the projects are linked to the main project, so in the main you can see a Gantt Diagram of all of them, in a cumulative way. They're not subprojects, I don't know how to explain it but is like they're anchored to the main one. By the way, this info isn't really important at the end.
I can't post a screenshot, since there are sensible informations, but I mean this:








What I want is something that, once you give it the ms project file, it extracts the report in a file that can be consulted (like a jpg or text document, but not like another mpp file). The purpose is to avoid to copy\paste all the plots in another place, and "automatically" obtain the reports plots instead.

You seem to indicate that how the files are linked isn't important, but with Project, that bit of information is very important. If the projects are not subprojects in a master, how exactly are they "linked"?

If you are looking for some method to extract data from MS Project files and produce a report that does not require Project to view I suggest VBA. For example, a VBA macro either based in Project or Excel (for example) could open each Project file, extract the desired data, and produce custom reports/graphs.