Auto-submission of task updates and approvals in PWA

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Hi all, 


I've set up a rule to set up auto approvals for task updates as the projects managed are separate to the financials, so approval is not required. 


However, when users mark their tasks as complete or track work against it, they still have "submit", as shown in the process status. 


When I use "send status" to submit the task status updates for manager approval, it shows that it is awaiting approval, and then upon a page refresh it shows completed, which I think is correct.


Is there any way to just press save instead of having to send status every time?



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Within the Tasks tab, the 1st option is SAVE. It allows to save the progress status of respective assigned task at user level.
However, the progress status has to submitted only then it will reflected in a plan.
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BlissL --

When a user clicks the Save button, all this action does is to save the latest task status changes to the Project Online database. When the user clicks the Submit button, this action submits the task updates for approval by the relevant project manager. So, no, your team members will need to submit their task updates regularly rather than merely saving them. Hope this helps.