Auto RAG in Timeline Bar

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  I have a custom column, in which I have traffic lights (Red, Amber, Green) displayed depending on the number it has. The task is added to a timeline view (custom view, created based on timeline screen). 

   Is it possible to automatically color the bar in timeline view as per the RAG for the task ? As of now, I manually select each bar (& there are about 100 of them :( ) and change  the color to match the task RAG, but was hoping if there could be a more efficient way. May be a macro or a hack ?


Any thoughts ? 

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Sorry but Project does not "expose" most elements of the Timeline view. If a task on the timeline is manually selected there is VBA method that will select that task in the Gantt Chart view but there is no reverse method (i.e. selecting a task in the Timeline based on a selected task in the Gantt Chart view).


Not what yo wanted to hear, but that's the limitation.