Associate an already existing Project (on the Web) with an already existing Team

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Dear Community,


We have a Project created in Project on the Web (associated with Group A)

We have an existing Team (associated with Group B)

Is there a way to associate the Group A Project with the Group B Team?

When we add the Project tab to the Team, the existing Group A Project does not appear as an option...


Many Thanks

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Kathleen -- I reached out to my contacts within the Project development team about this issue. From them I learned that there is currently no way to detach a group from a project in Project for the Web and then attach a different group. They did suggest a workaround, however. Use the Copy Project feature to create a new project from your existing project. The copy process will not copy the existing group to the new project, which means you can attach the other group to it and assign the resources to tasks. After doing this, simply delete the old project. Beyond this, I have no other ideas for you. Hope this helps.