Assigning Task mid-way during somebody's absence in MS Project

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I have a task A allocated to John and the duration is 20 days. Assuming task A starts on day 1 and completes in day 20. Then on day 3 John informs me that he will be unavailable from day 12 to day 15 inclusive to work on task A.


As a PM I can update John’s unavailability on task A during the period he mentioned.

I would like to assign this task A during John’s absence to Susan. Susan is also working on other task in the project assuming there is no conflict of time for Susan during John’s absence.


My question is how do I assign Susan to work on Task A from day 12 to day 15 inclusive in MS Project? Do I assign Susan to this task A - BUT only show her availability to this task for the said period or is there a better way of doing this?



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When you say "show availability" if you are referring to the Resource Availability table on the Resource Information window, you can certainly do that but you will also have to take other action to actually make the assignment change effective.

I would simply assign Susan to the task at 100% and then manually edit John and Susan's work in the Task or Resource Usage views (i.e. manually edit each resource's daily work or edit the assignment Start and Finish for each resource).

Hope this helps.
Hi John

Yes I was referring to the Resource Availability table.
Thanks for your input to the above query.
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You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.