Are there options for recently patched Project Server 2013 deployments to use Enterprise Calendars?

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We have just begun a large program that has a requirement for project portfolio management. We initially attempted to upgrade our SharePoint and Project Servers to version 2019, but our sole reseller has not responded to inquiries, so we have been forced to re-install our existing MOSS and MOPS 2013 servers in a new environment as a last ditch effort to get our system off the ground.

Unfortunately, once both (MOSS and MOPS) are patched with the January, 2022 cumulative updates (CU) and MS Project Professional 2013 is upgraded to SP1, it is no longer possible to create Enterprise Calendars. It is, furthermore, not possible to enable the option for local calendars, as this feature does not appear to be functional with the latest CU -- in other words, it is not possible to publish projects to Project Server without specifying an Enterprise Calendar. It ignores the local calendar setting. So we are stuck.

The feature to create a new Enterprise Calender via the Project Web App is also not working, as it attempts to open Project Professional 2013, but because of changes from the latest CU, it can no longer recognize MS Project 2013 properly. The following message is displayed:

"You need to have Microsoft Project Professional 2013 installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site."

MSP Professional 2013 is installed, and it has been connected to the project server. It simply isn't able to publish projects because of this Enterprise Calendar issue. I wanted to ask the community if they know specifically which CUs and Office patches are compatible. I am aware that 2013 has reached the end of its life, but we have no other options, since our reseller is not willing to work with us, and we are not technically permitted to buy direct.

SUMMARY -- the latest CU for MOSS and MOPS render Project Server completely inoperable if there is a need publish projects with custom calendars.

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Hello @JLGregoryIBM ,

Does this issue exist in all browsers? Have you tried IE 11, Edge and Chrome etc.? 


@Paul Mather, MOPS 2013 does not appear to support Edge. It was the first option we tried, and it throws this error message when attempting to create a new calendar: "This Project Web App 2013 feature requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0".

In fact, both Firefox and Chrome throw the same error. Project Server 2013 seems to have a hard mandate for IE, and seeing that MS is phasing it out entirely, we may have no other choice than to upgrade to 2019.

Hello @JLGregoryIBM,

I would look to move to Project Server 2019 or the later Project Server Subscription Edition or even move to Project Online in Microsoft 365?


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I figured out the issue. Somehow, the URL for the Project Server had been removed from the Trusted Sites list in IE. After adding it back, the enterprise calendars can now be opened. This is a valuable lesson: to check Trusted Sites anytime there is an issue with MOPS interconnectivity.