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Hi Friends, 


We are starting up a new project with the brand new "Project Online" in Office 365. I saw it is now based on the Common Data Service like MS Dynamics is. 


However, we tried to use the API of Common Data Service to update elements in the database (Project tasks), and we see that it's being forbidden by the system and that we are restricted to only use the Web Interface. I found some article saying that it's intended behavior. 


Somebody can provide us more information ? 

Is it normal that I cannot control Projects and Tasks via the API ? Will it be always like so ? 

Does it mean that I should go back to the "old" Project Web App (for which a link is still well visibile on Project homepage). 


Thank you in advance for your help ! 



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Hello @BenjaminMel ,

As you have seen, currently it is not possible to programmatically create / update tasks. I have seen a suggestion on User Voice for this - best option vote on that to help the Project product group see the demand for this. I can't find the existing idea currently but here is User Voice: https://microsoftproject.uservoice.com/forums/914203-project-for-the-web

It would be good to understand more about the scenarios / user case too.


@Paul Mather, Thanks for your Answer Paul! 

Will do! 


Would you have any roadmap about Project Online or a phasing out of PWA (The "old" Microsoft Project) ? 


The summarized use case would be here to use Projects as a project database, extended with custom entities and fields. A custom UI will allow the user to add/modify projects via the Web API. But this is impossible in the current situation then.