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   I am using Timeline View to show progress on a lot of tasks. These tasks are high level summary tasks. The timeline view plots Finish date (i.e. forecasted finish). I need to plot Baseline Finish date in addition to Finish date on Timeline. The idea is to show how much progress has happened against baseline plan and what is the forecasted finish date. 

Timeline view does not supports plotting of Baseline Finish date (I mean the Timeline checkbox in View menu, not Gantt timeline)

One work around I can think of is to duplicate the tasks to be plotted and manually enter Baseline Finish date in Finish date and mark these tasks as milestone and plot them on same timeline. This works but is very inefficient. 

       Is there another work around outside of MS Project to plot timeline view, which shows both Baseline Finish and Finish. An excel template or a webpage, where I copy paste data from mpp, and it plots a Timeline like view with both Baseline Finish and Finish ?

I just need any indication (eg. a diamond) on the bar to show Baseline Finish. I also color the bar to show RAG for that work item. The timeline view has few milestones plotted at the bottom too. The bars has the name of the task, and I can change the font color of text. 



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Well that can certainly be done by exporting the desired data to Excel and creating the custom formatted view. I suppose it could be done with copy/paste and a fair amount of manipulation to create the timeline graphic but using VBA would be much easier and more efficient.

Thanks John.
I know this can certainly be created in a excel. I want to know if community already has a template which can address this use case. The use case is a very basic use case and was hoping if someone already has any template / link etc why they r using.
Would save re-inventing the wheel
NKumar2010 --

I did some research and found this tool:

I do not use this software personally and have no relationship with the company or its staff, but you might want to take a look at it. Hope this helps.