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Kindly advice 


Suddenly alert and reminders doesn't work, users they don't receive any alert and reminder but previous it was working perfect

I try to look, notification is turn on in project web app and in central admin outgoing email setting is configured 


I want to know what maybe the cause of this..

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There could be several potential causes for the sudden issue with alerts and reminders not working in your environment. Here are a few possible factors to consider:

Configuration Changes: Check if any recent changes have been made to the alert and reminder settings, such as modifications in the Project Web App or Central Administration. Verify that the settings are correctly configured and that no unintentional changes have occurred.

Email Server Issues: Ensure that the email server responsible for sending out alerts and reminders is functioning properly. Check for any issues with the email server, such as connectivity problems, configuration changes, or service disruptions that might be preventing the delivery of notifications.

User Settings: Verify that the affected users have their notification preferences correctly configured. Check if they have enabled alerts and reminders for the desired events or tasks. It's possible that users have inadvertently disabled or modified their notification settings.

System Updates: Determine if any recent system updates, patches, or software installations have been applied to the environment. In some cases, updates can affect the functionality of certain features, including alerts and reminders. Review the update history to identify any potential conflicts.

Third-Party Integration: If you have integrated any third-party applications or plugins with your project management system, investigate if there are any compatibility issues or known problems related to notifications. Consider temporarily disabling or troubleshooting these integrations to isolate the cause.

Logging and Error Messages: Check the logs and error messages generated by the system to identify any specific error codes or messages related to the alerts and reminders functionality. These logs can provide valuable insights into the root cause of the issue.

It is advisable to involve your IT team or system administrators to thoroughly investigate the problem. They can further analyze the system configuration, review logs, and perform troubleshooting steps specific to your environment to pinpoint the cause and implement the appropriate resolution