After receiveing tasks approval e-mail doesn't reflect on the MS Project online approval tab

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I need your assistance as once the PM receives an email for a task update, it doesn't reflect on the approval page on the MS project online.



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Peter --

What is your default Tracking method for your Project Online system? Was the update entered on the Tasks page or the Timesheet page in PWA? Has this resource previously submitted task updates that showed up on the Approval Center page?

Also, navigate to the Approval Center page and click the Manage Rules button in the ribbon. Do you have any auto-approval rules created for this project or this resource? Click the History button in the ribbon and select the Status Updates item on the menu. Do you see the update from this team member?

Let us know and we will try to help you.
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@Dale Howard Thanks a lot for your reply; I just wanted to update you that I found out that an outage on SharePoint caused this issue, and it is now resolved.