Additional column to show resources from one resources-group

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Hello Community,

I am trying to create additional columns to show only resources from the same type of resources-group assigned to a task. (Please see example in picture)

How should a formula look like to achieve this filtering? Or are there other options to achieve this? Im using Project 2013.


ressource column.png





This is an example of the resources table:





I tried for weeks now but can’t get it working. Any help is highly appreciated.

Regards, Jochen




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I can't imagine you'll be able to do what your setting out to do. A poor workaround might be to create custom attributes that you manually type the names into, but there's no "people picker" for custom attributes, so there wouldn't be a direct tie to your actual resources (both assigned to the task, nor even to the actual resources in the project since you could just as well type arsdgfadxflkjh as you could ActualNameOfResource.


Sorry - doesn't seem to be setup to do what you're looking for. Other people have tried for similar things... such as in Project Online displaying for a list of projects columns with the resources assigned by role, but I don't think that ever worked out for them either.


I think this is what I may be looking for but could you provide this in English please!!!!
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