Adding Project (or now known as Planner) to a specific channel inside a team - is it possible?

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It seems like I can only add a Project inside a Team under General. If I have different channels inside a team with different members - can I add a project/plan under that specific channel? Is there a workaround at all? Please let me know! Thank you.

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@ianalleno Yes, it's possible, but it only works Standard channel types.  If the channel type is Private or Shared you will not even, see the Planner or Project app when you click the Add a tab icon.

@RFromm I see - thanks! I was trying to add it in the Shared and Private channels because I only want certain members of the team/outside of team to see it. 

@ianalleno At this time it isn't possible, but hopefully it will be in the future.



Yep waiting fot it. (Strange that this does not work)