Adding a Project for the web "from a non-default" environment to teams channel

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I've created a Project using "Project for the Web" on a non-default environment and assigned it a 365 Group from an existing Teams Group.
Trying to add a new Tab for "Project", it can't load the project from the non-default environment, but the rest of project from the Default environment is showing as usual.


Is there anything i can do to fix this issue ? 
Adding the project as a Website Tab is a workaround I know, but it has some disadvantages :

A clunky user experience with different interface rather than the simple project UI.
It needs Pop-up to be enabled -if disabled- from with the Teams Tab, and i did not figure how to make it. 
It shows more controls to Team members than what actually they need to allowing them to Delete, Deactivate, ...etc

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Hello @SayedNasr ,

This is a current limitation of the Project app in Teams unfortunately. There isn't anything you can do.


@Paul Mather  Microsoft has released a new update that allows adding P4W from non-default environment, but each time I try to add it to Teams I get the below error message. Any Idea what shall I do to pass this message to the Support Team





In Teams use the Website app and supply the url for your named instance and you can add Project for the Web to Teams and everything works, except the 'Open in new window' option. The way allows you to link multiple instanced to a single Teams site and more important select which instance you link to the Teams.
This workaround was existing all the time, and It's what exactly I don't need.
I'm looking for the same native experience when you include "Project App" from Default Environment for a single project with no access to the other projects. This is the only way, I can create a dedicated Teams Group for each Project.