Add Teams group to Project for the Web with Power Automate

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we are looking for a solution to add  a Teams group to a project in "Project for the Web" with a flow. 

In the web we have just to select the group and click on "Add" like in the screenshot:





Now we have a flow which creates a Teams team (it works fine) and we want to add the created team to a project in PftW. 

We tried it with the standard Dataverse connectors but didnt find the correct field for this:


We also checked the new API: 


Is it possible to add a team to the project with a flow?



Thanks in advance 




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Hi @Barend De Saeger,
I am getting same error. Could you please let me know how did you solve this? What permission was missing for which user?
Hi Ankitjana,

I was doing it in PowerShell and the application (registration) user also needed the 'Create' permission on the Team entity.



@PhilippS1 Were you able to solve this?

I am trying to achieve the same but I am not able to assign the owner when I am creating the Project using the 'Add a new row' action.

I am getting the following error

Principal with id xx-xx-xx-xx-xx does not have CreateAccess right(s) for record with id 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 of entity msdyn_project.



Hi elmirt/all,
I have written a blog on how you can achieve this using Power automate for you to use in your deployments.

Hope this helps :). Let me know if you have any feedback