Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization and Power automate

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We have a need to sync our AD resources group more than 1 time a day (MS default).  I was wondering if anyone has tried the Power Automate to help  with Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronization task. 


Once a day is not practical for us at all, as we have hundreds ongoing projects with multiple times resources access requirement daily.  Wonder how you manage yours for those who are in the same situation using AD group sync.


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Hello @NLuu-020321 ,

I have not come across a customer who finds the Resource AD sync only running once a day being an issue. If there are urgent additions needed in the Enterprise Resource pool, those customers request with their IT team that the users are added to the correct AD group for the sync but they also manually add the resources to the enterprise resource pool.

Regarding syncing using Power Automate, are you looking to add the resources via Power Automate or trigger the built in Resource AD sync via Power Automate? I dont think triggering the built in Resource AD sync will be possible via a normal Power Automate flow. You might be able to do it via a Power Automate UI flow by automating the clicking of the "Save and Synchronize Now" button in PWA.   


Hi Paul, only for clicking the Save and Synchronize Now button. Adding resources we still do it manually. Thx for the info.