A simple way to integration a Project for the Web project in Microsoft Teams

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@Paul Mather  thank you, I was searching for a way to add my project to MS teams 

@Paul Mather and @Shantswiss,

The integration is now live in teams...however one thing I have noticed with the new full integration of Project for the Web into Teams is that it only works for public channels. @Paul Mather I did like your article, and ironically did the same thing a few months ago after struggling how to get our organization to all be able to work out of teams.....great write up...wished I had used the tech community prior. 

I have asked the project team if there is a solution or a planned fix coming...just FYI. 

@MatthewGibbs I could not find the way to integrate Project online/web to MS teams, other than @Paul Mather 's method, which I found on his blog post. 

@Shantswiss So to be clear, it is "project for the web" that has integration in teams now. At a minimum you must have a Project 1 license to use it. Also, it is important to note that it only works on a non-private channel on a respective teams site....not too sure why as I mentioned previously.

1. Once on the channel you want to add the Project tab on...simply click the plus symbol towards the top of the channel page and you will see the "Add a tab" window pop up with the different apps you can add.(See Step1.PNG below)


2. Next, in the search bar, type project....and the icon for the app will pop up. From there you simply select the project you created...and you are off. (See Step2.PNG below)


Please see the pictures I took for you to assist.

@MatthewGibbs  thank you. I am aware that Project app is now available as app in MS teams and it allows new projects to be created from scratch. 


However, I  have few ongoing projects created on ProjectWeb, in the webbrowser,  at present I cannot import or link these project plans as Tabs into respective project MSteams. Please note I have Project Plan 3 subscription. 


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