Project Server 2013: Check your administrative backups before you need them
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 28, 2014

I spotted this strange behavior on my own server – and after being put right by Adrian and realizing what the real issue was I thought we should share.  If you have migrated from Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013 then you should take a look at your administrative backups – just to make sure they are working.  I took a look at my server which had half a dozen or so PWA instances all with different names (obviously) – yet when I looked at my timer jobs I saw what I initially thought were my 6 admin backups for the 6 PWA sites but all with the same name!

However, this is correct (almost) – and there is a job for each of the different items that you can back up – or 5 if you are in SharePoint Permissions mode.  One ‘gotcha’ on the Project Server permissions view – the Categories and Groups option should not be there as it isn’t actually hooked up to anything – so don’t rely on having a backup of your groups and categories…

But what threw me, was that I have 6 different PWA sites, and if I look at the Daily Schedule Backup options for one of them show that I should have 2 Project versions backed up – and each of my backup items is set to schedule! (You can ignore the category and group settings option here too – it doesn’t do anything here either…).  But nothing recent in my backup – last time was before migration…

It is not until I click save that I see the extra timer jobs for this other PWA instance (called PWS) created (visible through central Administration, Monitoring, Timer Job Definitions)

So if you are using Project Server 2013 always a good idea to check that you see these timer jobs – and also go in to Administrative Restore and see if there are backups showing with dates that make sense.  Always better to find you have a good administrative backup before you need it – rather than after…

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