Project Server 2010: Service Pack2 and August 2013 Cumulative Update installation issues
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 12, 2013

*** Update 10/22 - latest info - see - and October CU overcomes this issue too. ***

We are investigating issues relating to the installation of the August 2013 Cumulative Update (CU) for Project Server 2010, after installing Service Pack 2 (SP2).  The failure appears due to some incorrect schema versions either in SP2 or the August CU, and the error is: Configuration Failed – One or more configuration settings failed…  Failed to upgrade SharePoint Products. An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfiguration.TaskException was thrown.

This particular exception can be thrown for many reasons – and the key to the specific failure will be in the upgrade logs, and will read something like this:

  • [OWSTIMER] [PublishedDatabaseSequence] [ERROR] Upgrade object too new (build version = 14.0.7010.1000, schema version = Current server (build version = 14.0.7104.5000, schema version = 14.1.702.0)

One of the symptoms will be that Project Professional can no longer see a list of projects when trying to retrieve the list from PWA – and also if you examine the databases you will see that the version on the Published database has not been upgraded and the number of Views available in the draft database is just 3 – and not the 250 or so you would expect to see.  This is because the normal process of database upgrade will remove some objects such as views and then re-create them – so in this case the re-creation did not complete.  Please do not just recreate the views – as has been suggested in another blog post – as although this may get things working, firstly you may not have the right definitions of the views if things have changed – and you are also likely to be missing other database objects – and you will likely see the same failure next time you load a Cumulative Update.

I should also point out that the August CU was re-released – and the version of the re-release is 14.0.7106.5002 – part of our investigation is to determin if this re-release or the original (or both) suffer from this problem.

*** Update - 10/22 - (thanks for the prompt Stacy!) - both the original and re-release suffered from this issue - but the October 2013 CU handles things correctly ***

We are working on some recovery steps right now – and it appears that reducing the schema version and re-running the configuration wizard from the command line (psconfig) may be a suitable recovery method – and I’ll update this post with exact details once we have them.

I should also point out that the installation of the binaries for the August CU can be very slow – taking 5 hours or more – so please allow enough time when you do get around to patching.

Thanks to Adrian, Alex, Marc, Ray, Rogério and Solomon for their work on this issue – and information from some of our partners, Agora and TPG that has helped isolate the issue.

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