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First published on TECHNET on Feb 01, 2016
*** Update 7/20/2016 - based on user feedback we are delaying the automatic activation of the resource engagements feature.  You should see a new Message Center post soon - and the banner suggesting activation will be removed for now.  No new timescale just yet ***

You should soon be seeing (or your global admin should be seeing) an updated message on your Office 365 message centers for Project Online’s Resource Engagements feature.  We have also updated the FAQ document at (thanks Sonia!).

We are reminding all our Project Online customers that they can either activate the feature any time up to September 22nd 2016 – or we will then be turning it on automatically.  We are also giving you a couple of months notice that any new PWA instances that you provision after April 4th 2016 will have the resource engagements feature turned on by default.  Take a look at the original blog post from Julie Kohler if you want a reminder on what this great feature does -

If you have any questions that the FAQ does not address then please open a support incident – or for really quick questions (which hopefully have quick answers) ask on this blog!
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