Project Online: Performance guidance and updating custom fields
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First published on TECHNET on May 12, 2015
A couple of great new articles came out last week – some of these were also presented as part of the sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2015 – full list of Project sessions on my blog at Recorded Session on Project from Ignite 2015 .

The first covers tuning suggestions to get the best performance from your Project Online experience - Tune Project Online performance – here is the into to the article:

“With the launch of Project Online a few years ago, organizations of all sizes have been able to use Microsoft’s rich set of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities within the convenience of our Office 365 cloud infrastructure.

Although one of the obvious benefits of using a cloud-based service is avoiding having to deal with deployment, setup, and hardware and software tuning, there are still some steps you can take to ensure your organization gets the best performance out of Project Online.

Project Online offers many configuration and customization settings, but customizations can have a performance impact. This article highlights the performance impact and tradeoffs of some of the most common Project Online settings, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to customizing and configuring Project Online.”

The second one looks at a very efficient way to update multiple custom fields on a PDP via workflow, and also looks at a create project site option from workflow that is far faster than just letting this happen during save and publish - Project Online: Bulk update custom fields and create project sites from a workflow – and the intro":

“In our ongoing efforts to help customers get the most out of Project Online and improve our service extensibility and flexibility, we've added two methods to the client-side object model that you can use in Project Online apps and workflows:


Bulk updates project custom fields.
For Project Online only. Available only in the REST API.


Creates a Project site.
For Project Online only. Available in the REST API, managed client object model, and JavaScript client object model.

In addition to providing more flexibility, these methods also offer significant performance improvements when saving and publishing projects in a workflow. This article describes how to use the methods in the REST API and provides instructions for creating a workflow that bulk updates custom fields and a workflow that creates a Project site.”

Thanks to all on the product group and the UA teams for getting these great articles out!  I am sure you will all find these very useful additions to your toolboxes.

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