Project Online non-EXO notifications and October 2016 client updates
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First published on MSDN on Oct 10, 2016

I often find that Friday is a great time to catch up on a few things – and often that means preparing and posting a blog when almost everyone else has finished for the weekend, or in Hawaii, American Samoa or French Polynesia – and probably finished last Friday or before… (Apologies to anyone who does actually work in those places – and I know that I have many readers there who can’t all be on holiday and sad enough to still read my blog!)

But on to the real topic – and in case you did miss it on Friday I blogged about a feature that has just been turned on allowing alerts and reminders to go to the defined ‘work e-mail’ of users that do not have an Exchange Online account.  See Project Online- Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online for the full details.

Tomorrow is the release day for Project Server updates (2nd Tuesday of the month) and this week the server bits will also be joined by the client bits – as we had a late breaking problem with Project clients fixes last week so we re-fixed and will be releasing this month on 2nd Tuesday rather than the usual 1st Tuesday.  I understand this also means they will only be available via download rather than via automatic updates.  Look out for the update mail tomorrow or Wednesday – depending how early in the day we see the release.

And a final point – Paul Mather followed up on his novel solution to the missing ‘Last Logon’ problem with part 1 of a blog post on how to report against his Javascript populated list – see for the details – and look out for part 2.

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