Project Online: Looked at your message center lately? OData Changes coming
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 01, 2016

In case you haven’t looked at your Office 365 Message Center lately, or if you don’t have access as you are not an admin – and your admin doesn’t know that he needs to share information with you…  There are OData changes coming to Project Online.  These changes should start rolling out at the end of this year (2016 - if you happen to be reading this way in the future), but you need to plan for these changes if you currently consume OData and do not specify the exact properties you want returned.  Of course if you want to use these new properties then you also need to make some changes to consume them.  But hey – what are the properties and how can I used them?

We are adding modify dates to the following entities to make it easier to pull back just the data that has been modified – and the entities are:

  • AssignmentBaseline
  • AssignmentBaselineTimephasedData
  • AssignmentTimephasedData
  • Engagement
  • EngagementsTimephasedData
  • ProjectBaseline
  • TaskBaseline
  • TaskBaselineTimephasedData
  • TaskTimephasedData
  • TimesheetLineActualData
  • ResourceDemandTimephasedData
  • ResourceTimephasedData

For the timephased fields this will be especially helpful as these can take a while to download if you need everything!  Remember to look at the message center – or make sure your admin is telling you about pertinent changes!

One other upcoming change you may see on the message center is MC82292 (Not showing on mine below as this is a trial tenant) – which talks about the new subscription plans for Project Online and Project for Office 365.  See your message center – or for more details.

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