Waiting for simulators error, using bonsai_gym

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I am trying to train a brain for CarRacing-v0 environment from gym library, using the bonsai-gym interface.

I was able to train for the sample programs provided in the bonsai-gym library, but when I am trying this car racing environment which gives input state as an image(96X96X3) and action space with [steer, gas, brake] each value being a continuous value between [-1 to 1, 0 to 1, 0 to 1]. But when I am trying with Soft Actor-Critic(SAC) algorithm, I am unable to run it as it is getting stuck at Waiting for simulators.

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hey @avenkatakrishna ! thanks for your question and for using the bonsai_gym library.


As you have noticed, the CarRacing-v0 environment uses images for its observation space. Bonsai doesn't currently ingest images directly, so you'll have to convert that into a support datatype. A list of supported data-types are listed here (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/bonsai/inkling/types/).


I took a quick shot at using a pretrained model to featurize the input image into a lower dimensional (512 dimensional) vector: 




Feel free to reuse this and let me know if that works. Thanks!

@alizaidi  Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it's working, but many times simulator is connecting and disconnecting, this is happening very frequently.