Unable to create brain

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I am clicking on create brain multiple time but nothing is happening. It just shows preview page every time. If anyone can tell me what's wrong in it?

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Hi @chitresh3 - if you perform a full/hard refresh of the page, e.g. control+F5 buttons, do you see any brains listed after that?


Does the list of Brains and Simulators in the lefthand menu bar ever finish loading, or do you see the "loading" animations forever?


Thank you!

Hi @juostrow, thank you for replying. I have tried refreshing multiple times yet brains are not appearing on left hand side panel.

Yes, I am seeing loading animation forever. 

@chitresh3 Okay, thank you for clarifying.  I will ask a member of our Engineering team to take a look-- they may have more questions for you.

Whoever investigates this will need a workspaceId and a timespan (with time zone, please!).

To make this easy, you can click on the little "bug" icon near the upper right to generate a report that you can send or attach to this chat.
A team of Bonsai's best engineers is ready to help you.
All they need is a workspace ID and a time span (with time zone!) when this event occurred.

The workspace ID is part of the URL in the browser, so you can just copy that and paste it here.
Should be better now.

Workspace name: my-workspace
Workspace id: d2f94ce8-c19c-42e1-ae38-a0ba3f07c962
Tenant id: 2d2199a8-cb98-4269-b2ae-c63cf2b7c7f0
Subscription id: 75e935bc-fc3f-454d-9d41-e5e09f1d1e7f
Resource group: sinter-prod
Provisioned resource group: bonsai-rg-my-workspace-d2f94ce8-c19c-42e1-ae38-a0ba3f07c962


It is happening since 16th sept. My timezone is IST.

Not yet!
When you say, "Not yet," do you mean that the issue remains exactly the same, or that there is some other issue?
Issue is exactly same!