Trying to get Bonsai

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I have been using deeplearning4J with AnyLogic. Is this better or the same?

I have been trying to find where I can download/use/learn but I after months trying to reach anyone in the team with no answer at all.... Hopefully someone will answer me here...

What is the gods I have to summon in order to be able to use this thing?
Is it possible even? 
Is it reserved for a very selected group of people?
Is it just a project that has no future and will be dead soon?

Will I be lucky enough to get an answer this time here? 

I tried to book a meeting through this azure platform but there are no meetings open and there's no contact information... You are really trying very very hard to make this unreachable as possible. But I have heard of companies using it... so it's a mystery to me.

Who knows what I could do to get my hands into this tool and use it?

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Hello @felipeharo ,


I apologize that you are stuck with no way to access the software. Bonsai is publicly available to anyone. You can find instructions on setting up your Microsoft account with bonsai here: