Transfer a learned model to another environment


I'm training humanoid to walk, stand on one leg, and so on in Bonsai. But I always start training from initial random policy so the brain has to learn from keeping balance to avoid falling.

It would be more efficient to train one brain to maintain a standing posture and then use that as an initial strategy to train applied movements above.

To do so, is it possible to transfer a learned model as an initial policy in another training?

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with memory mode off shouldn't it learn from the past brains ran and improve as newer versions are created ?
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You cannot transfer a learned model from one brain to another, but you can decompose a brain into multiple concepts. The first concept, for example, could learn to keep balance. The next concept could then learn to move the legs.

Memory mode doesn't impact learning in that manner. You can think of memory as a way of utilizing not only the most recent state but also recent past states to determine the best possible action. This is important, for example, when the policy depends on velocity or acceleration values but only position values are observed.
Thank you for the valuable advice. I will take it into consideration.