Training error: 'StandardCores' exceeded in region 'westus'


When training bonsai on a managed simulator I always get the following error:


I tried reducing the number of cores to two cores but I still got the same error. Has anyone experienced this?


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Hi, @marizawad. It looks like you are exceeding a quota on Azure Container Instances in your account. When you run training with Bonsai, multiple simulators are run simultaneously. In addition to the number of cores setting you should also check the max instance count setting. I would expect the number of cores for running training would be at most Cores * MaxInstanceCount.


Also, if you or other users in your subscription are running multiple training runs at the same time then the total number of instances for all the runs would be added together. You can request an increase to the quota as described in the quota documentation linked above.

Are you training more than 2 brains at a time ? I run into this if I run more than 2