Swagger API definition error

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Hi there!


We get a Swagger API definition error when we export a trained brain. We observed that this occurs only  when the observations are an array.


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We can provide you with the web app address.


Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 21.57.13.jpgScreenshot 2020-09-13 at 21.50.02.jpg


Thank you.

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@antoniosmakro, thank you for reaching out about this issue! I checked with the team and learned there's a bug in the code that's parsing your Inkling file to generate the swagger JSON document. The bug is specific to arrays. The team is working on a fix which will be available Oct 5. In the meantime, hand fixing the JSON doc is a temporary remedy.
Once the fix is in place, we recommend performing another export to replace your current exported brain with the fixed one. This will help ensure it doesn't happen again.
Thanks again for reporting this and for trying Bonsai! Let us know if we can support further. - Hilary

Thank you. @hilaryburgess