Stuck on connecting simulators - anylogic-bonsai integration

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I have developed a simulation in Anylogic and integrated it with Bonsai. The brain is trained without problem in the animated session (while anylogic runs in background) but I decided to upload the simulation zip file to the workspace to train the brain faster. The problem is the train session is stuck in "connecting simulators" state. I wanted to check the container instance log but there is nothing there but "loading..." and the status of the container is "Failed"!

Any Ideas to help me with this annoying problem?


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Hello @samanKT,


Did you upload your simulation to Bonsai today?

If you're a beta user there is a new workflow to follow to upload Anylogic sims.

You can find it here:


Please let me know if this solves your issue!

Hello @mzat
Thanks for your reply. I followed all the steps described in the link you sent and activated the beta version of the bonsai. The problem persists. Surprisingly the sample model of anylogic for the anylogic-bonsai integration (ABCA (activity based cost analysis ) model) is not working as well! and is blocked in the "connecting simulators". you can find the sample model by this link:

I believe this problem initiates from the Microsoft Bonsai side. Have you tested any anylogic-bonsai integration recently?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi @samanKT. I can dig into it. I verified the AnyLogic upload functionality is working overall with the ABCA model, so can you give me a few more details about:

- your workspace ID
- what AnyLogic version are you using?
- did you export a new version or did you upload the '' file from github?

@samanKT Have you enabled logging on the Bonsai connector? This will output additional logs on top of what your model outputs:



Hi @davidcoe,
thanks for your reply, I am using Anylogic PLE 8.8.0, and exported the simulation zip file by using RLExperiment in anylogic by choosing "export to Microsoft bonsai". What information about the workspace do you need? I have activated the beta version recently but the problem persists and the status of the container instances is "failed" without any logs. (the log page is stuck on loading)
I enabled the logging option in the bonsai connector. by clicking "view simulator logs" in the workspace I am getting this error:

| where TimeGenerated > ago(30d) // the last 30 days
| where ContainerGroup_s contains "66bb09b6-4221-44a6-aef0-67d97682fa74_22ba3a6e-b5d1-491e-bc60-b1f0b8ce0a9c"
| order by TimeGenerated desc
| project TimeGenerated, Message

'where' operator: Failed to resolve table or column expression named 'ContainerInstanceLog_CL'
If the issue persists, please open a support ticket. Request id: 102498c1-787c-40a7-9764-d36554138e6e
which version of Anylogic are you using? and how did you manage to export zip file for ABCA model that works for you?
Thanks for your time