Sign in issue with Bonsai

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Hi Team,


When I am trying to sign-in to Bonsai, it loads for a while after I entered password but again redirects to login page and ask for password. This happens very frequently at every attempt and after trying for multiple times, it is signed in. Same issue happens when I try to reach Bonsai via Azure portal. 

There is no issue while logging in to Azure Portal but this happens with Bonsai every time.

Please look into this.



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Hey @Sparsh3694ITC ,

Could you provide some more information on what browser you are using and if you have any ad-blockers enabled?

As of this moment any browser or plugins that block cross site cookies will cause authentication errors. We are working on upgrading our code to make sure these issues are resolved. In the meantime we recommend using a chromium based browser and disabling any plugins that may block cross site cookies.

Hi @Navvaran_Mann ,


Thanks for replying. 

I have tried the same in Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge and facing the same issue on both. I didn't have any adblockers enabled in the browser.



@Sparsh3694ITC That is unfortunate. Thank you for trying out the chromium browsers. If you don't mind could you try it incognito mode? It would also be helpful if you could open the developer console and send us the logs. You'll have to enable the "preserve logs" option in the dev console because the website will try to redirect you away from the site which will wipe the logs.