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What kind of support does upgrading the support plan in azure provide for Project Bonsai users? For instance, does it include providing insights about a working model in Bonsai in case an issue is faced?

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Hi @Maythah!  I head our Production Empowerment team, which includes Customer Support.


Right now, because Bonsai is in "Public Preview" on Azure, our support model is not integrated into Microsoft's usual support channels.  That doesn't mean that the levels of available support are any lower, but it does mean that upgrading your Azure support plan would not grant you a higher level of support for Bonsai itself.


Right now, there are three ways to get support with Bonsai:

* This forum, which is actively managed with Bonsai team members.  You get support for free, but we have no guarantees in terms of SLA or how deep we will go to respond.

* Working with one of our SI partners for support or consulting.  Today, we have ten certified Systems Integrator partners who live and breathe Bonsai on a daily basis.  You may reach out to them for consulting or support (likely for pay), or contact us for a recommendation:

* Purchasing a Bonsai license grants you Customer Support from my team with SLAs and response times similar to what you would expect in Azure.  Most customers only purchase a license when they have a production-deployed Bonsai solution.


I hope that helps!  And I hope you give the forums a try first.  :)


- Julian