Problem training Anylogic Product Delivery sample model

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Hi Folks,

When I try to train using the uploaded exported headless experiment of the Product Delivery sample model I get this error: 


Unable to start ProductDeliveryPkg
Resource type 'Microsoft.ContainerInstance/containerGroups' container group quota 'StandardCores' exceeded in region 'westus2'. Limit: '10', Usage: '10' Requested: '4'.


Any suggestions as to the cause?



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Hi Lyle. That error message indicates that you're exceeding the CPU core quota for the Azure subscription you're using.


There are two solutions: 1) stop any other training sessions or other activity to free up cores, and 2) increase your quota beyond 10 cores.


If it's a corporate subscription, you may need to work with your IT group (or whoever administers your Azure subscription) to increase your quota. If it's a personal subscription, you'll should be able to adjust the quota yourself. If you're using a free Azure account, the quota is limited to 10 cores.

Thanks for the reply @erictr .  I don't have any other training sessions or activity running so I don't think this is the problem.  Also, if I try multiple times, eventually it will succeed and run normally even though I'm not changing anything on my end.  Also, I get the same warning when i try to do an assessment -- which makes sense -- so I think there is something else going on.

Hi @Lyle_Wallis, I have encountered a similar quota issue with my azure subscription (limited to 10 cores) and have a workaround that you can try.

If you encounter this again when you aren't actively training another brain, search in the Azure Portal for "Container Instances" to see what is using up your allotted cores. From there you can manually Stop and Delete running containers to free up quota.

After you stop a training or assessment session, it can take a little while for the simulator instances to stop and their containers to shut down. That might explain why you're seeing this sometimes and not others. You're bumping up against your quota limits.


We're also tracking a bug whereby simulator containers may not be reclaimed if you start and then quickly stop a training or assessment session before simulator instances have had a chance to start. We're working on a fix for this problem. If you are encountering this bug, the workaround the @hnager mentioned should get you unblocked.


It is (primarily) the non-reclaimed containers.  When I went to the portal I found 10 non-reclaimed containers.  I deleted them all and it works fine.  I suspect that I also hit the first problem earlier in the process which is why I was able to get something running after first encountering the problem.