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How can I migrate trained brains from one Azure tenant to another one?

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@Ravi Munaganuri At this time you cannot do migrate Brains between tenants. Brains are local to workspaces inside of a tenant. We might consider supporting this use case sometime in future. 

@kalyanbasu, with no options to migrate from one tenant to other tenant, what are the options to make use of Brains from old tenant?. I guess export & convert as a docker is the only option?   or re-create the brains in new tenant. Pls validate my options.  Thanks.

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@Ravi Munaganuri - yes, your options are unfortunately quite limited at this time. You can export the Docker Container, but you will not be able to "import" it into your Workspace in the other tenant and re-train it. You will need to recreate it using the Inkling that you have used earlier, and train it from scratch using that.

@Ravi Munaganuri I would also suggest you log your feature request here:


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