Increase speed of local training

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I am trying to train a brain locally; the simulator is an AnyLogic simulator. I have successfully started training the brain (with an unmanaged simulator), but the training process is very slow with one simulator in use and around 3 iterations/s. Is there a way to run multiple instances of the same simulator without using a managed simulator? or a way to speed up the training?. 

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You can run multiple unmanaged sim instances, and bonsai will train with these instances. However, scaling up training using unmanaged sims generally doesn't work well. That's why we invested in a managed sim infrastructure. Is there a reason you don't want to use managed sims?

Thank you for your response. I see, it seems that this is not possible with AnyLogic simulation anyways. I was using the managed sims, but I wanted to try around with the unmanaged sims.