GitHub missing AnyLogic Wrapper?

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I am trying to get started using Bonsai with AnyLogic and was following along this webinar for setup:


I downloaded the master file from but the Wrapper file that he opens at the 27:54 mark is no longer present. Was it moved somewhere else, or otherwise removed? Any help is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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@Max360 - What version of AnyLogic are you using? The video you referenced was created using AnyLogic 8.6, where the wrapper model was still in use. AnyLogic 8.7 and later use an RLExperiment (Reinforcement Learning | AnyLogic Help) which the Bonsai platform taps in to. The connector for 8.7 can be found at bonsai-anylogic/connector at master · microsoft/bonsai-anylogic ( 

Thank you!! I am using AnyLogic 8.7.7 but was unaware of this change. Very much appreciated @davidcoe
Side note: On the 'Add Simulator' page in the Bonsai documentation, it still says to download the Wrapper file (with no comment about AnyLogic version), and the link for the Wrapper file goes to AnyLogic's Project Bonsai page with no further info about adding a simulator.