Fetching simulator interface Status- Loading simulator details-never ends- Managed Simulator

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1. Fechcing Simulator interface status never ends, even after 2 hours while creating brain (Managed Simulator)- ACR uploaded image -

2. Simulator created in Bonsai UI. but could not create the Brain( connecting the ACR uploaded simulator)
2. Simulator created in python using Cartpole example SDK3 - template

3. With the same code unmanaged Simulator works well in local machine. and Training progress executes well

4. Tried with 2 different accounts in 2 different machine. the result is same.(fetching simulator interface)

5. no error codes with inkling file

6. no error code in the Bonsai UI interface 
Please suggest how to troubleshoot, what is happening with Brain-agent

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This problem solved. float type mismatch between simulator(numpy:float64) and Agent ( float32)