Deleting uploaded sims

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I noticed a small, but critical mistake in an AnyLogic model that I uploaded. I fixed it [in AnyLogic], re-exported, then uploaded the new sim. 


I went to delete the first sim but noticed the warning of "Removing <name> will not remove the contents of <container>".


I confirmed removing the sim listed in bonsai does not remove the space taken by the uploaded sim on azure - the containers are still stored within my storage account and there are leftover tags in the container registry repositories. 


As I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of Azure, if I want to fully delete the uploaded sim, does anyone know what I need to do? 

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@TWolfeAdam - Thanks for your message. Can you please provide us the workspace and sim package information to dive deep further on this ? There are 3 steps here:

1. Simulator Model Files (which you uploaded on Bonsai Platform) for AnyLogic gets stored in your storage account 
2. Corresponding docker image(uploaded simulator model files + AnyLogic base images) gets uploaded on to your registry.

3. If you have started training the brain using the created simulator package, Bonsai boots up simulators(Azure Container Instances) on Azure.  As soon as you stop training the brain, Bonsai takes care of auto deletion of those simulators (Azure Container Instances).

Based on the question posted, I assume we just have to address issue #1 and #2. I am happy to help you over the call/screen share to delete those uploaded files and image in the registry, once i have more information. Please let me know.

@anilpuvvadi Please excuse my delay in response, thank you for the reply.


I found what you were referring to in your 3 sections. If this is the extent of the stored files, it's manageable enough to deal with - a bit tedious though, as it requires taking note of the various ACR paths I'm currently using in simulators vs what has been removed from the platform. It seems you can get this information from the CLI though, so it may be simple enough to automate this. 


Unfortunately, the workspace I had more of a concern regarding this with lost access to the platform (a separate issue), so it's currently impossible for me to differentiate between what files are/are not used. For now, I don't need a call but I appreciate the offer.