Custom assessments not allowing larger iterations than during training

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Hello! I just wanted to report that custom assessments currently don't allow you to specify an iteration count higher than it was set during training (it does allow lower values). I'm assuming this is a bug but maybe I'm missing something.


I've tried this with both autogenerated and uploaded files; I also confirmed that all episodes weren't ended prematurely due to relevant goals or sim errors.


The image below shows an example. For reference, training was setup to perform an action every day for 86 days, so 85 iterations. I did notice it says "terminated by objectives" but also noticed it says this even when all of my objectives succeed.




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Thanks for spotting this! This is not the expected behavior, I opened a bug on our internal tracking system.
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Just wanted to let you know that it is now possible to run custom assessments with larger max iterations per episode.

Fantastic! Thank you for the update too, it's much appreciated!